About Law Dog

Are we fur real? Law Dog Legal Marketing was purchased by Optimize My Firm around August 2022. Initially, we intended on rolling the site into our own. But… We had always wanted to incorporate dogs into our own site. In fact, the Optimize My Firm’s about us page has always shown our pets as our furry “support staff”. Over on Optimize My Firm – we take things much more seriously. Probably too seriously. We work with some major firms – large personal injury firms – international law firms – you name it. So, we said “Dog Gone It” why not just make it a fun legal marketing website full of dogs & dog puns. Rest assured, our goal here is to deliver quality marketing advice. Law Dog Legal Marketing was started by Attorney Rick Baker, who was given the nickname “Law Dog”. Rick is no longer practicing and now enjoys restoring classic guitars. To continue reading about us, please read more about our team here. On our main site, we have an up to date SEO blog, a marketing podcast and several other resources for attorneys.