SEO for Attorneys

Ranking your law firm website on Page One of Google Search for buyer focused keywords in your local market should be every lawyer’s first priority in their legal marketing.

To make the most of your budget or if your legal marketing budget is minimal, focusing on being found organically on a Google search has got to be step one. Why is this so crucial to your attorney marketing? Because people who need a lawyer “google it” if they don’t already know an attorney. Isn’t that how you find things?

And people who search for a lawyer on Google are high intent buyers who are probably at the point where they are ready to hire a lawyer to solve their legal problem.


So how do you get your law firm website to Page one of Google? There are many factors that go into ranking an attorney website on the page one of Google but the art of doing this is known as SEO or search engine optimization. In other words, you have to optimize your attorney website to rank for certain specific buyer focused keywords so that when searchers type those keywords into Google in your local market, your law firm website shows up on the first page.

There are many factors that Google looks at when they rank websites in the organic search results (SERP-Search Engine Result Page). There are factors that relate to things on your actual website pages (on-page SEO) and certain signals Google gets from things that are happening off of your law firm website (off-page SEO).

The key is to know how the search engines do this, how to make your attorney website search engine friendly and do things that will land your attorney website on page one. Through many years of trial and error and experience in successfully doing this, we have learned how this ever changing process works.


Law Firm SEO is tricky and very competitive. Google changes their “algorithms” all the time and it takes a lot of hard work to keep up. This is why so many lawyers who try to do attorney SEO themselves have great difficulty. To see a recent case study, I made this video to show an attorney website we recently ranked on Page One of Google for some very client hiring based keywords.

Of course getting clients who need your legal services is only part of the equation. You have to have a good website so once they do click and land there, they take the action you want them to take.

Let the Law Dog help you with your Lawyer Internet Marketing and let’s get you to the top and grow your practice!