Attorney Website Design

Your attorney website and its landing pages are your interview for the job of being hired by your client to represent them.

Think of your lawyer internet marketing like trying to get a job, which actually it is. If keywords are your resume’ then your law website is your interview. It should instead be a reflection of your legal expertise that shows prospective clients the value you offer them with helpful information that focuses on their legal problem and how hiring you is their solution.

Here at Law Dog Legal Marketing, our Attorney website design focuses on all aspects of website development. We strive to make our lawyer websites elegantly designed, easy to navigate and provide the legal information prospects are searching for to decide which attorney they will hire.

We also know that there are also technical things that must be done so your law firm website also talks to Google. Your law firm website has to be designed for both humans and Google or it will not be effective in providing a great user experience for potential clients nor will it rank high in Google organic search.


How many times have you clicked and landed on an attorney website that was just overwhelming? Too many links or not enough? Too many things flashing or too much information all at once? This isn’t the experience people want. It all starts with quality attorney website design to publish valuable and appealing content to attract your new clients from many different points of entry on the web.

At Law Dog Legal Marketing, we know how to develop your law firm website so it can be pleasing to humans and to Google.


Think about it, your attorney website is the only thing you really own when it comes to lawyer internet marketing, besides your email list. So it must be the focal point for all content to bring the search back to you. It shouldn’t be a billboard that brags about credentials and an overcrowded Homepage.

Rather, it should be a valuable resource optimized to draw in your prospective clients and demonstrate they came to the right law firm by providing the link back for all of the valuable and appealing content you create and promote.

But to be effective, your attorney website has to speak Google so Google knows what your attorney website thinks it should take as a priority in how it indexes and ranks your law firm website pages.

It all starts with well thought out attorney website design and site map built around your core keywords. It should also have a blog on your attorney website and on page links to your core keyword landing pages, a keyword heavy footer and other law firm SEO techniques that are crucial to being found at the top of Google.

In other words, good user experience and on-page SEO to convey your priorities to Google.

Let Law Dog Legal Marketing show you how to make your attorney website design so awesome it will create an experience that prospects will return to again and again and Google will rank high!

Make your attorney website design something you can be proud of that prospective clients actually find valuable and shows why you are the attorney for them…pass the interview because you may only get one chance to win their business and get the job.