How To Get More Dog Bite Cases. Bad Dog!

dog that bit someoneMost of the Personal Injury Attorneys we work with like getting Dog Bite Cases, at least when there’s been a serious injury and the owner is liable.

So, how you do you get these cases?

Bad Dog, Good Content.

Most attorneys have lazy-dog marketing agencies who throw a page onto their site called something like “California Dog Bite Lawyer”.

That agency will then attempt to rank this mediocre page of statistics right beside 500 other law firms.

The problem is that these pages are as bland as kibble from your local Tractor Supply.

Good content should be exciting! You also need a lot of it!

Very rarely are prospective clients searching for a “Dog Bite Lawyer”. No, they are sniffing around the search results, asking questions.

We can’t just give these ideas away like unwanted puppies, but we’ll share a few ideas with you.

Pages which get clients:

  • Who is responsible for dog bites at Channel Street Dog Park?
  • What if I am bitten at the veterinarian’s office?
  • Dog Attacks on USPS Delivery People
  • What if I am bit at a relative’s house in Lexington KY?
  • Is a dog owner responsible even if their dog never bit anyone before?
  • How much are dog bite settlements?
  • Facial scarring injuries from dog attacks

You get the idea. If you aren’t producing this type of content, you’re just waiting for a random person to look up an injury lawyer after they’ve been bitten by a dog.

Get Local.

You can’t just hound us to do everything for you.

For the attorney who REALLY wants a lot of dog bite cases, they need to make their presence known in the community. There are sponsorship opportunities available and community events you can participate in.

You could:

  • Volunteer at a pet adoption event
  • Get to know local veterinarians
  • Meet animal control
  • Sponsor spay and neuter events
  • Get to know local dog groomers
  • Go to the dog park
  • Promote canine safety

We Know. We Have The Data.

As for inbound content ideas, we have what works down. We’ve tried everything and monitored hundreds of animal attack pages for many years.

If you need help obtaining more dog bite cases, call us today and unleash your firm’s potential.