Bankruptcy Attorney SEO

You practice bankruptcy law and provide legal services to clients in your local community. To get clients, people in your town need to know who you are and what legal services you provide to solve their bankruptcy related problem; otherwise, nobody will hire you because they don’t know you.


Becoming known in your local town for what you do is the War. Each tactic you can use will determine whether you win the battles (SEO, Social Media, Video, PPC). However, the overall objective is to become “lawyer famous” for the bankruptcy legal service you and your law firm provide. In other words, the overall goal for your name (brand) is to be so synonymous with the bankruptcy lawyer services you provide that when people in your town think of Bankruptcy Lawyers, they instantly think of you.


If you are not well known in your local community and have not grown your bankruptcy law practice to the point of instant name recognition when people think of bankruptcy lawyers, you must be willing to take the steps to be visible on the Internet. Marketing a bankruptcy law firm that is mostly unknown is very different from law firm marketing for an established and well branded (famous) bankruptcy attorney. If your reputation and fame as a Lawyer isn’t quite there yet, you start with seo for lawyers.


Ranking high on Google for the best bankruptcy lawyer related keywords is first step in your law firm marketing when you are not famous or well known for your legal services. Google searchers don’t know a bankruptcy lawyer or they would have already called them to solve their legal problem. But remember, although it takes effort and money (though much less than mass media like television and paid ads) by the time someone is searching those money keywords, their “buyer intent” is high and this is what we focus on first in marketing your bankruptcy law firm. It is the first battle to be won if you want to get more clients and make more money before expanding into other media and brand building.

To win this battle of lawyer seo (search engine optimization) you must know the right keywords you need to rank for, then create content (pages, blogs, video) around those “money keywords” so that searchers looking for a bankruptcy lawyer find you right away. This is why law firm seo is so important to begin your quest for fame and get your law firm marketing humming along.


Before search optimization for lawyers was a thing, how did lawyers get “lawyer famous” in their local town or city?

MEDIATelevision, Radio, Billboards & Print (remember Yellow Pages?)

Marketing the law firm to win the war of your name becoming synonymous with being THE bankruptcy lawyer in your city, meant you had to spend big money on expensive media to become “lawyer famous” and the same is still true today. So how does attorney seo fit in now?

It’s the cheapest way to get visibility for the online searcher who needs your help but doesn’t already know a bankruptcy attorney.


Search engine optimization for law firms has provided another way for bankruptcy lawyers to compete when they don’t have the marketing budget to do television, radio or other expensive forms of media marketing that can make you “lawyer famous.”

Don’t misunderstand, while being found on Google takes a more modest budget than other media, it requires a commitment to creating content and working with someone who can help you create that content and rank high on Google for the right keyword searches. The biggest mistake I see bankruptcy lawyers make doing seo for law firms is that they don’t know their keywords. They waste time writing about things people needing to file bankruptcy do not search for. I can help you do better.


When you know the best exact “money” keywords to create your website, video and social media content around, it’s not as difficult as you might think. The primary reason is that all law firm marketing is local. What this means to you is that when you know the best keywords to build content around that people looking to file bankruptcy are actually typing into Google search, it doesn’t require getting many backlinks to rank high on the SERP (search engine results page).

This is a huge advantage in your law firm seo and bankruptcy attorney marketing online but it still costs money to work with smart marketing agencies for law firms and a commitment on your part to being involved in content creation. I specialize in telling you what to write about and give you the keywords to use, then I compare to what is ranking #1, edit and optimize your content to beat them and win that law firm marketing battle. I wish someone had told me exactly what to blog about; it would have saved me years.