The Art of Persuasion in Legal Marketing

All marketing is Persuasion. It is the art and science of getting people to hire you for your services as an Attorney. In order to persuade a new client to hire you, they first have to know of you. In other words, it’s pretty tough to get someone to come in to meet with you and pay you to handle their legal matter if they don’t even know you exist…right? When I was in private practice, I knew once they were actually in my office, sitting across the desk from me, I was almost assured that I could “persuade” them to hire me. In sports recruiting, some coaches are called the “King of the Living Room.” In law practice, it’s King (or Queen) of the Consult! But you have to get noticed in order to get them in for that magical consult and get their business.

Why You Need to Hite a Persuasion Engineer:

Most Attorney Marketers, or any Marketer for that matter, focuses on everything but the one thing that truly matters most…Mastering the Art of Persuasion. Of course you need a Website, Content, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Search…and many other critical online tools or components to get business and to get paying clients. What you really need however, is a Persuasion Engineer.  The term is not mine. I learned it from a true Marketer from Canada named Tim Francis, but he really hit the nail on the head with this and truer words were never spoken.

All of these platforms, tools, components are necessary but if they are not put in place and managed by someone who understands that the name of the game is to persuade people to hire you then it doesn’t mean much…does it? Having the keen analytic skills to figure out who needs your services and how to reach them and then persuade them to pick up the telephone to schedule a consultation is the job of a true Marketer.

There are lots of people who are very good at one or a few of the platforms or skills mentioned above but without the ability to match the message to the right person in the right medium in a way that persuades them to call you and hire you, it doesn’t mean much.

What’s the First Step?

Step One is to understand that just because someone can design and build a Website, or handle any number of other marketing tasks does not mean they are a Persuasion Engineer committed to the end game…results! Or as my Junior High Band Director used to write on the chalkboard…RESULTS, NOT EXCUSES! Yeah, he was pretty tough, but one heck of a Sax Player as I found out when I started gigging with him in High School. But he was right! Results are the end game and everything you do in marketing has to be toward an end game, culminating in your prospective client answering your Call to Action.

So where it begins is with working with someone who understands that identifying your perfect target client, what persuades them and where to find them, is the real first step in growing your law practice using online marketing methods. Believe me, I hired enough people who weren’t that to understand that just like in litigation, persuasion requires preparation and thought about how to accomplish it. It’s hard work but well begun is half done, right? So that’s where it begins with Law Dog Legal Marketing. Persuasion Engineering.